I'm not a photographer and I don't even own a "big camera," so I am extremely grateful to have the ability to capture photos of my children so easily right from my iPhone.
A few weeks ago, my three boys were building a wilderness fort at the park and they asked me to walk down to see it. When my daughter Annie and I arrived, my oldest asked me to take some pictures of their fort in case it got destroyed in the coming storm. So I had my phone out, getting ready to snap away, when Annie needed help zipping up her hoodie. Before I could respond, my eight year old ran over and stooped down to help her, and I was able to capture this sweet relationship grow just a little bit stronger with the tap of my finger. It was magical.

My favorite kind of photos are the candid and unposed. I rarely ask my children to look at the camera or smile. That might sound strange, but I want to capture life as it happens and remember the real moments. The only real trick I have is getting down on their level. Years from now, I want them to remember that I was there with them, sitting in the damp leaves, wading out into the water or building castles from wooden blocks on the floor.
I edit all my photos in VSCO Cam. I just love the subtle filters it offers. If needed, I can crop, align, lighten or fade my photo all within VSCO Cam, as well. I tend to keep my photos in a rectangular sizing so I usually add a white border in the Afterlight app. :)
You can see more of Ainsley's love filled pictures on her instagram feed @ainsl3y, and if you happen to homeschool your little ones, check out her beautiful blog Wild + Free.