If there's only one thing I've managed to take away from this motherhood gig, it would be to find the good in every situation. In this particular moment, we were making our way through our first of many bouts of separation anxiety. She's always been a little more dependent, a little more sensitive than her brother is so she doesn't seem to handle these phases well. I still remember that summer day when she was happy in nothing but a diaper, wrapped in my arms, with a soft kiss to her cheek as I tried to reaffirm that I am going nowhere without her. This fleeting moment that forever symbolizes why I became a mother in the first place would never have been capture were it not for a simple iPhone 4s with its cracks along the side from toddler mishaps, a scratched screen, and I'm pretty sure some kind of dried yogurt still waiting to be wiped off. 

Being the homebodies that we are, I've learned how to follow the light in our home in order to take nice photographs indoors. For this photo, I set my phone up on the changing table (any stable surface will work!) making sure to tap on the lightest part of the screen to adjust the exposure so that we would be silhouetted against the window. I then set up the timer and hurried to get us in place. The apps I use are PicTapGo for editing and GorillaCam for a timer (it photographs in bursts!). 
Sure, my 'big girl' camera could have done all of this, too. But when you have a fussy baby in your arms, fiddling with all the settings to get the best shot just doesn't always seem appealing. Looking back, I'm really grateful that I forever have this moment between my littlest and I captured for generations to see.
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