I blame Instagram. It's not a bad thing; it has actually helped me be the photographer I am and the photographer I want to become. I find myself picking up my iPhone 5x as much as my dslr... and not because it is convenient; but because I know the images I want to take will come out just as good on my iPhone.
I look silly actually... one minute I will be drinking a cup of coffee, watching Penelope gnaw at her favorite teether. And the next, I'm scrambling for my iPhone, doing a crazy hovering position over my child trying to capture the best angel, light, facial expression & praying she doesn't decide to get bored and move. But the beauty of using your iPhone is that it's instant. Instant capture. Instant edit. Instant delete. Instant re-take; if necessary.

In this photo, I had just laid her to bed for her nap. She was 7 months here and full of chunk. So much so, that the very sight of her made me want to bite her thighs! And the leggings did NOT help, they just added to the goodness. I have the bittersweet habit of seeing everything in terms of a photo... and the way the window light was hitting her and her tiny, still body, just made for a great image.  

My bit of advice is to take the time to see things; those little things. The silhouette of your playing child, the track of toys they left behind, their still feet as they nap. Anything can be beautiful and captured with a simple camera phone.  

Another bit of advice is getting the right tools to help create the image your looking for. I used the VSCO CAM app for all my photos and I have learned it back and front. It takes me 2 minutes to capture, edit & social media post. This does wonders and can create whimsical, earthy photos in a second. Must have tools for my phone:

  • editing: VSCO CAM{ looks amazing in prints too!}
  • prints: Social Print { you can print all your camera phone images from their phone app in minutes!}
You can view more of Jessica Perez' iphone photography on her instagram feed @whoajess, on her Facebook page,  and on her website.